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PURUS Clear Ice System

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The PURUS Clear Ice System by ICEBIRG


Your AT HOME CLEAR ICE SOLUTION is finally here!

After years of research and development, ICEBIRG has finally solved an age old dilemma. Until now crystal clear, geometrically perfect Ice Balls have only been possible for individuals and establishments capable of forking out $15k+ for a Clinebell machine, or those users desperate enough to suffer through the hellish time, mess, and inconsistency of attempting concepts like the "cooler method".


A One of a Kind Product, The PURUS Harnesses the Power of Directional Freezing!

ICEBIRG's PURUS Clear Ice System generally achieves consistent 90-100% Clear ICE slugs, in almost any freezer or environment. Optimized for use in your ICEBIRG Ice Ball Press, and it does it easily and consistently with very little fuss or mess. Furthermore, at no point does any plastic, silicone, or composite come in contact with your water or Ice while freezing, only the highest grade of stainless steel, for the absolute lowest flavor pollution possible.

Finally an affordable at home solution that brings perfect crystal clear Ice Balls to those that enjoy them the most! Perfect for any scotch, whiskey or craft cocktail connoisseur.